Thursday, June 16, 2011

All The World's a Stage

Summer is here, (although someone should've made sure that Mother Nature got the memo, because I'm pretty sure she was missed on the group email), which means baseball season for my oldest.

I LOVE watching him play. Entertainment abounds in watching all the 7-year-olds who have learned to hit and catch, but have no concept of the logistics of baseball. There are pile-ups on third base as the runner there has forgotten to run, and now the runners from first and second are all standing on the base with him, waiting for their turn to round the corner towards home. There are the ostrich-like stances as the ball rolls between their legs, the chin-up running form as they sprint to first base, but cannot see where they're going because the helmets are too big, and the constant throwing of the ball to first matter where the runners are. And finally, there is the never-ending game of tag at home base where the runner will do ANYTHING to avoid being tagged, even if it means running out the side gate to the bench.

As a side note, I played softball for many many years, and it's hard for me not to be THAT mom shouting, "Run, run!" or "Throw it to third!" Shawn now sits on the opposite side of the bleachers from me.

My problem is this: if we get to watch Kaiden play as a family, there is no avoiding bringing my youngest along.

Kaiden frets when, from 100 yards away, he sees no one at the field with the same colored shirt on.  He asks me at least three times if I'm SURE that this is the right field (there are three). He hangs back tentatively, watching the other players warm up, until the coach invites him inside the gates. He so gets his antisocial behavior from my husband's genes! But once he's out there, he's not as self-conscious and does pretty well, it's just getting past that initial hump.

Not the case with Kamrin. Before Shawn and I have even had a chance to pick our place on the butt-wrenching metal benches behind home plate, Kamrin has marched up and down the the bleachers twice, no doubt scouting his audience. He has managed to dupe someone into giving him a handful of sunflower seeds, picked up a large stick, and is now coo-ing to a baby in a stroller.

As the game begins, he is warming up to his viewers, "What's your name?" he asks each. and. every. person. The first inning is 2 batters in and he draws out his stick. He taps one person on the knee, "This is your circle, (he draws one in the dirt front center of the bleachers), and this is yours...(tap the next person)." I'm waiting for him to produce a top hat and a rabbit. This continues for about 4 people. "Kamrin, come here!" I say.

But his act is just gearing up. "You wanna hear a joke?" Oh boy. "How does the tree get on top of the car? (pause) With a ladder." Polite smiles and even some giggles.

He has now learned that the little girl, who is also there and politely sitting on the lowest bench with her mother, is named Lilly. He has coerced a ball from one of the coaches and is trying to entice her to play. He offers her some sun-seeds that he has pilfered from one of the spectators.

"Kamrin, why don't you go play in the park?" There is a playground close by, and I have forced him to wear a bright red visor for this very reason...I can watch the game in peace, but yet still locate that hat from a safe distance. Kaiden bats, makes it to first and as the next batter is up, I peek at the park and locate the hat. Simple.

This would be the hat.

I hear the twinkly, tinny music. It's the ice-cream truck. (Someone as cornered their target market beautifully!). Not 3 seconds later, Kam is front and center again, "Mom! I want ice cream! Mom? Mom? Gimme your purse! Where's your money?" Several laughs from his "audience" once again. I have now missed Kaiden crossing home plate.

By the end of the game, I realized that Kam's ploy for recognition was a success. EVERYONE knew his name...("Kamrin, stop bothering her." "Kamrin, put down the stick before you hurt someone." "Kamrin, get that rock out of your mouth.) They ALL knew who he was....and that he belonged to me. As we left, he shouted, "Bye Lilly, my love you!" and other parents patted him on the head.

Tonight, just Kaiden and I went to baseball.

When the game was about to start, and I had situated myself on the far end of the bleacher, a mom leaned over and said, "Where's Kamrin?"

Mission complete Kamrin, mission complete.


  1. This reminds me of the old days and my kid at the duck park. When we ran out of bread he would flutter his lashes and harrass/flirt? people until he got more. This was mildly cool until he began to eat the duck bread. Then I just felt like the worst mom ever.

  2. I have two younger sisters. We are all really far apart in ago- I am twelve years older than the youngest. Growing up, she always had to tag along and was just like your son Kamrin. She was a real ham, always stealing the show, and sometimes crossing the line. We all oscillated between being humored and annoyed by her. Now, she is all grown up, engaged to be married, and the most poised, confident young lady. She brings joy to everyone who knows her. Your son's charm will serve him well- you'll see.

  3. M - That is HILARIOUS! Makes you want to say, "No really, we just fed him."

    Sweetest - I've heard that a lot from people. My brother was the same way, and now, if you put my brother in a room with 100 strangers, he would be good friends with 99% of them. I hope it takes him a long way in life!

  4. Hey!!! me again!!
    I just read that you're just up I94 from me!
    I grew up in Fergus Falls!

    Anyhow, have to "follow" a midwestener!!
    Happy Mothers day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @Dawn -
    Cool! Small world. I know a few people there and a lot of the businesses (due to my last job). Will return the follow.

  6. There is always a Kamryn and a Kaiden in every bunch! Mine are just called Aiden and Avery. I love both personalities - makes life fun!