Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Funnies - Naked Grandma

As I have mentioned before, Shawn and I have been spending a LOT more time together lately, and I must say, we're discovering the lighter side. I've noticed more laughter and just plain outright silliness. Enter my world for just a moment. I'm checking my emails, sipping on some coffee when suddenly, Shawn yells, "Nekked Grandma!" I nearly shoot coffee out of my nose. Insider's joke. For those of you who are able, here's where that humor stems from:

For those of you following on Kindle or who just don't want to click on the video, here's the setup:

Family Feud, buzzer time.
Steve: Name something a burglar would not want to see when breaking into a house.
(Slamming of button)
Redneck #1: NEKKED GRANMAW! (You have to say neck-id)
Steve: Nekked-huh?! (Throws cue cards.)
Redneck #2: (shrugs shoulders) I don't wanna see that either. (completely straight face).
Steve: I know your right, m-kay, no one wants to see a nekked grandmom, but what are the chances (pause) of me breakin' and entering your house and runnin' into your naked grandma?

And so it began. Funniest thing? It's the second most popular answer on the board. (resident/occupant, not naked grandma).

I was driving my son to school, he's complaining that the Velcro on his shoes is worn out and doesn't keep his shoes on his feet. (Yes, he's in first grade and doesn't know how to tie his shoes yet. Dang Velcro-everything! And lazy mom without the patience to teach him.) The shoes are not even worn out yet. I used to wear my shoes until they were tattered. Anyway...I decide it's time he learns to tie. So in my mind, I'm thinking I can make a quick trip to Wal-Mart and get him some "trainer shoes." I'm talking about training to tie, not to run, here. So I ask him, "What size are your shoes?" Without a blink, he answers, "The same size as my feet." Thank you Captain Obvious.

Scene: My kitchen, it's after 10 pm. I'm trying to finish an article on graphic design, which, contrary to popular belief, actually takes some thought. Hubby volunteered to tuck the boys in over an hour ago. (Translation, "I lay next to the boys so I have an excuse to be asleep myself before 9:30). It worked for Kaiden, but here Kamrin is. Asking me for water, for a snack, for a blanket, to watch cartoons. Every. Single. Ten. Seconds. Exasperated, I snap, "Kamrin! Why aren't you in bed?!" His answer, "It's the way I roll mom."

Hopefully a quick smile to start your weekend!

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  1. I love the family feud! I also just noticed you are a scorpio - THAT's why I like you so much....
    Kids ae too funny....