Sunday, May 8, 2011

Odds N Ends

Crazy week this week, but overall very nice. Just to wrap up:

One day, while working at this department store. I looked over at another cashier and saw that one of her customers had a Gloria Vanderbilt tag on the pocket of her capris that she was wearing. I'm not going to lie, my first thought was that she was making a not-so-subtle attempt to steal them. As I pondered whether or not to call security, I decided to take a not-so-subtle approach myself. My line was clear, so I casually sauntered over to help aforementioned cashier by bagging the items. While bagging, I mentioned to the customer, did she know that there was still a tag attached to her, shall we say, voluptuous bottom? Turns out, she apparently had gotten "hot" while shopping and decided that the capris would be much better suited for her than the sweats she came in wearing. Oookaay. Somewhat acceptable. She had given the tag to the cashier to ring through, so it wasn't like she was stealing. BUT, how do you explain the other tag that was given for scanning for the underwear that her 12 year old daughter was wearing?!! I tried to think of various emergencies that could warrant such an action, but the fact that they put the clothes they WERE wearing into the same bag as the new clothes, makes me believe that there wasn't some sort of accident that could be brought on by puberty. (To put it politely.) And was the cashier paying attention? Did they give her tags from cheaper merchandise to scan but wear the more expensive stuff right out the door? Not like we're going to strip search a 12-year-old. And if it WAS all on the up-and-up...WHO DOES THAT?

I also went to the college that I'm about to attend in July to register and to take an accelerated placement program test. I am going to brag here a minute. I was told that they have not had scores that high in a "very, very long time." For example, in the arithmetic section, you needed a 35 to test out of the class and I scored 112. They also told me that it was extremely rare that a person test out of ALL of their fundamental classes. What does this mean to me? It means I save about $7000 in tuition and save 12 weeks of school. I'm pleasantly surprised at my retention level after being out of college for nearly 20 years. *grin*

My son's birthday party is in a couple of weeks. He will be 7. (Where does the time go? I feel lucky that I've managed to keep him alive for that long.) His friends all have parties at "Games To Go," where they feature a monstrous room full of immense blow up bounce houses and slides, rollerskating parties and the like. We're on a budget. So guess what? I'm doing a "retro party" featuring games like Twister, Pin The Tail On The Donkey, and a version of musical chairs which involves popping a balloon by sitting on it in order to be the winner. I think it will be cool. We need to revert to simpler times. Prizes will be shopped for at the dollar store and loved as equally as those that can be bought by "tickets" at Space Aliens.

I am kind of a phone-a-phobic, so it took a lot for me to "mom up" and call people on Kaiden's "friend list" (a.k.a a list of people willing to put their phone number out there for all classmates) and get their addresses so that we can send invites. Hell, I might even splurge for a pinata.

We had a BEAUTIFUL 70+ยบ day today, and I managed not to blind anyone when I decided to wear shorts for the first time in 9 months. (Think of what broken limbs look like when it comes out of a cast...I'm pretty sure that's my legs...without the smell.) I mowed the lawn and the lawn mower started on the first, yes first, pull. My boys insisted on running through the sprinkler in their swimsuits. Can you blame them with this incredibly miserable winter just now past us? I tried to talk them out of it (to no avail), and after 1/2 hour, they were blue-lipped with chattering teeth, and a grin from ear-to-ear. My oldest also earned a certificate to Dairy Queen for the number of books he read last month, which gave us all an excuse to eat ice cream. Unfortunately, I'm lactose intolerant, but couldn't help myself and decided I could live with the numerous bathroom trips for the smallest of Heath Blizzards. (It was worth it.)

I had the strangest dream last night. I dream vividly and can analyze most of my dreams, but this one involved finding out that my husband had been intimate with a very young woman while at one of his handyman jobs. In the dream, I was FURIOUS, and if I hadn't been trying to protect my children from yellow-eyed King Cobras, I would have clawed his eyes out. I'm fairly certain that this dream came about because my husband and I have been severely lacking in any one-on-one time. I'm not just talking (whisper) S-E-X, I'm talking about meaningful conversations without interruptions, or even just hand holding. But here's the weird part...I actually dreamt ANOTHER dream where I was standing in the driveway, telling him about the FIRST dream, to which he replied, "That must have been awesome sex." It seemed so real. Very normal interactions. I guess the cheerleaders standing on yoga balls on the street should have been a dead giveaway that I was still dreaming.

Anyway...I had to work a horrible shift for pennies tonight (it's hard going to 1/3 your salary sometimes. I worked from 5pm until midnight. Dead on my feet, I came home to this:

I felt like I had crossed police tape and stumbled on to a crime scene with chalk outlines. I can only guess that there is a boy with a lizard tongue, some math (1,000+1,000=2,000), my youngest's version of a person (head, no body) and a beautiful flower (done by Kamrin, impressive.) Awesome.

I stepped inside, removed my shoes, and checked on my sleeping babes. Dad and oldest in our bed (great, I get to move him) and youngest covered in his smallest blanket with only bottoms on. I move the oldest to his room, and cover youngest. I change into my pajamas, turn the light on in the kitchen and see this:

AWESOME!! I know that not every mother would love this, but I do. I have been complaining about this stupid faucet leaking for I don't know how long, wiping up the puddle that made its way to our countertops for nearly a year...and now I have this!! Screw the flowers, give me a faucet...and installed. I love thoughtfulness and practicality rolled into one. Mom's out know what I'm talking about! This means that every time I cussed under my breath while I wiped up the countertop puddle, was actually heard! Not only heard, but noted! AND it came not only installed and working (oh yes, I tested it) it has a note! "Happy Mothers Day. We love you." I nearly kidding. I'm not sure who wrote the note, because Kaiden's teacher has mistaken Shawn's handwriting for his...but I DON"T CARE! I so love my family.

I just wish they were awake so I could tell them. Embrace the little things and find happiness where you can. I did. Holy cow! It's 1:30 am, time for bed.

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  1. Happy Mothers Day! I love your gift - those are the kind that mean so much! Congrats on the smarts too - I feel like my book retention is lacking - but I do have a lot of street smarts!!! I know how you feel about the money stuff and the birthday party. Even though we bought a house, we did it because we pay more in rent. Now moving with no money will be VERY interesting!