Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Some randomness from the last few days. I don't have a whole incident to tell, but I've witnessed quite a few oddities that I must share. Here they are in no particular order:

There are days when the giggling and screaming coming from the ankle biters reach such a crescendo, the only way to put a stop to it is to separate them. God has a sense of humor, he's made those screeches of delight during play hit the exact pitch that manages to wither a small portion of my brain. Part of the separation process requires that they each take baths at different times. (If you want to know why, read World of Whats here.) Big K had just gotten out, was wrapped in his towel and in goes Little Man. I'm in the process of doing something else so consequently, there is about 15 minutes of them running around in nothing but a smile. I finally get a chance to grab Kaiden and drag him to his room to put his pajamas on. Little Man is left to fend for himself with dad, and as usual, pulls out paper to draw.
An original

I'm just about done with Kaiden when I hear dad yell, "Kam!" I hear heavy footsteps on the way to the bedroom. There stands my hubby with his hand wrapped around his little stick of an arm. "What now?" I ask. He spins Kamrin around. He has managed to take a marker and color each of his little butt cheeks green. "Kamrin! What have you done?" Whose kid does that kind of thing? Apparently mine.

I was in my normal rush the morning before. My routine normally calls for 2 trips to the car, one for all the baggage and the second for the kids and purse. Kaiden thought it was too "hot" for his gloves (a whole 27ยบ!), so I balled them up to put in his backpack. But somewhere between Kamrin needing a blanket, and Kaiden needing a drink before we could walk out the door, I had set them on the counter and forgotten them. Kaiden only has those stretchy knit gloves that you get for $1 because he had already lost 2 really nice sets. I think I must have made my point about losing them, because when I picked him up from daycare his immediate response was, "Mom! I couldn't find my gloves! I looked everywhere and I asked the teacher AND the bus driver and I looked through everything in my backpack and they're not there."

"I know. They're on the counter at home."

"What?! YOU forgot them? Moo-oom! I couldn't go out for recess until I had gloves and the teacher made me wear some from the lost and found and they were GIRL gloves! They were purple with pink puppies on them and I couldn't play with anyone because I had to keep my hands in my pockets the WHOLE TIME!"

I'm sure he thought they looked like this, just add pink puppies.

I brought a box home from my office. In it was a large yoga ball that I had used to sit on when my backside went numb. It was quite therapeutic. Kamrin brought the deflated mass to my husband and begged for it to be blown up. After about the 3000th request, Shawn used the air compressor to restore it back to its massive roundness. Well, that should keep them occupied for a bit. I stood in the bedroom folding clothes when out of the corner of my eye, I spy small bodies flying through the air, followed by a huge thump and laughter. They were taking turns jumping from the bed and belly-flopping onto the ball where they were tossed into the air before they crash landed. "HEY! What are you doing? YOU know I can't take you to the emergency room if you break your arm! Stop!"

Not my kid.

I was asked what a soul was.

A show on TV was talking about freak pet accidents (they all survive). They showed one of those dogs that are closer cousins to rats than anything else (a chiwawa?) that had jumped up to see what his master had cooking on his outdoor grill. The man had just lowered his 2-pronged fork (those big ones that are made for a grill) and managed to skewer the thing through the head. (I'm guessing that wouldn't be an accident for some people). It ran off and several hours later they managed to find it and take it to the vet where miraculously survived. Ten minutes later in my household, I see Kamrin holding a dinner fork and crooning, "Heeeeerrree Bobie (our lab mix)." Don't even think about it. Hand the fork over.

Whoever invented the powered candy with the concentrated sugar stick for dipping, should be shot. I hate vacuuming after 9 at night.

Not fun for moms.

My neighbors graciously watched my boys when hubby and I had to go get our taxes done. It took 2 and a half hours. They'll probably have the best sleep they've had in years.

I found one empty glass AND a glass with cottage cheese in the refrigerator. (for real, not like the milk I usually find).

My son wrote me a letter, it said "I love mommy and dad. Thay r sooper grate!"

My son picked a bracelet out of the dentist prize box just for me.

I unclogged the bathroom sink by picking out soggy pieces of green toilet paper. Kamrin must've felt guilty about the marker incident.

I was actually able to enjoy a clean living room for more than half an hour. Then it was time to pick up the boys.

And to think, tomorrow's only Wednesday.

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  1. Ah, the life!!! I often seperate the girls for laughing too much or too loud - how pathetic.... but really it gets GRATING!