Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kohl's, King Kong and Canines

I've spent nearly a month at my part-time position at Kohl's. The jury is still out on whether or not I like it. It's about 50/50 on the things I enjoy and the things I don't. Remember those "10 Things Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You" type stories in Reader's Digest? Here's my own, involving retail:
  • Obviously, making minimum wage is far from enticing. It's right next to making $3.50 an hour bartending, but at least while slinging drinks I could make tips.
  • Standing on my feet for eight or more hours at a time not only effects my feet, but at my age, includes my knees, back, and neck.
  • Why are you out shopping if you're so unhappy about it? Come back when you're in a better mood.
  • I know you don't want to apply for the Kohl's credit card. I really hate having to ask you, but I have someone watching to make sure I do, so try to understand my position. (And on the same note, I know marketing, and let me tell you, I don't believe pushing people to apply for credit or giving me their email address after the first polite "no" is a good policy. The check-out is the last impression of the store, and if it's a bad one, it won't matter how good the rest of their shopping experience was, they'll remember the end.)
  • Throwing all the items in a huge pile with interlocking hangers is NOT going to help me check your items at breakneck speed. Trust me on this one.
  • I would rather take your clothes off the hangers and fold them nicely, but I've been told if it's busy, I'm supposed to leave them on the clothes and throw them in the bag. Oh, and if you want the hangers, especially the small ones for kids' clothes, I'll give them to you, just ask.
  • If you have an item without a tag, it will save you time to bring another one up just to scan. I will love you for this.
  • If you think I'm doing a good job, have a pleasant personality, or provided you with exceptional service, please go online or take a comment card and let my manager know. It's about the only way I can get a small bonus (like a "tennis shoe day" or "front parking spot").
I do love meeting all the different types of people. There are people who are so willing to share their life with me while we stand there for 3 minutes, that I feel like I know them and we should have drinks sometime. I also met one lady who talked so fast, I didn't understand one tenth of what she said, and I'm from North Dakota for Pete's sake! We normally talk fast.
And for a quick laugh...I was a bit nervous when I was on my own, wondering if I was going to screw up or have to page a manager when a young woman came up with a basket of stuff. I carefully scanned each item, folded and made small talk. Then I attempted to look for the UPC code to scan on the basket when I realized it was one the store provided to its shoppers. Brilliant.

We had our family night a couple of Fridays ago, and Kaiden insisted on watching "King Kong," the newest one with Jack Black and I don't know who else (I'm horrible at actor/actresses names).
How can you not love that face?
The reason he picked this one is because he plays a video game based on this movie. I've seen the original, the one in 3-D when I was younger and we only had one pair red eye/blue eye glasses between 4 of us, and now this one. I cry. Every. Time. I think it's the whole idea that humans just don't know when to leave well enough alone. Every one of those planes knocked out of the sky deserved it.

This past week, I also toured a college and met with a recruiter. When I was a kid, I had always dreamed about being a veterinarian. I had adopted every stray animal that crossed my path. When I finally graduated high school, I chose the art field. I think this was mostly due to the fact that I had heard a rumor that you had to attend more school to be a vet than to be a 'real' doctor. Obviously, the Graphic Design field isn't doing much for me, and surprisingly, the whole idea of animal doctor is quite appealing to me. The thought of having to deal with vomit, poop, pee and horrible smells does not terrify me like it did in my early 20s. After all, I AM a mom. I read the list of classes I would have to take, and I didn't flinch once. I was actually excited. My problem is, would we be able to survive financially if I went back to school? If not, it can't even be an option. I don't think I will qualify for any grants, as I currently have a BA, but I'm looking into it. Since I currently have a degree, it would only take the longest...18 months, not Vet though, Vet Tech.
I nearly cried when Far Side retired.

A few other highlights this week:
Again, no shirt.
  •  My oldest now has three teeth missing on top in front. Lisp-city.
  • After detecting a faint odor in my downstairs office, and after my version of the Spanish Inquisition, I learned that my youngest had peed in my garbage can because the light was off in the downstairs bathroom.
  • The aforementioned child also told his Grammie that he, "thought she was dead" because my husband's phone does not have her on speed dial, and when he tried to call, it only continued to ring.
  • He also called his older brother a "freak show." Not common terminology in our home.
  • I found no less than 3 empty boxes in my cupboard at the exact same moment that I had a craving for what had been in those boxes. Add that to a bowl of mini-wheats that sat in the frig overnight because I have been adamant about not wasting ANYTHING. (I will never eat those again.)
  • The vitamin packs that I had been taking to help stave off heart disease, clogged arteries, high blood pressure and low energy caused me to gain weight. Yeah, I'd rather be skinny(er).
  • Kamrin's excuse for not going to sleep tonight? "My tummy wants something to watch and there isn't a TV in my room." Hmmm.
  • My husband has never been the romantic type by any means, but after being down in the dumps for two days and an 8.5 hour shift at work, I came home to a bottle of wine...and he hasn't had a drink of alcohol since October 2009.
  • I had a huge 30 pageview spike on my blog, several days AFTER I had written. I can't help obsessing about why that is.
  • I overheard my son tell his friend that his mom is, "sorta famous, because she writes things that a LOT of people read."
  • I'm worried about my dog. He has always hated spending a lot of time outdoors. He has no undercoat (he's a Shar Pei), so he gets too hot or too cold easily. Suddenly, all he wants to do is lay outside. He's been a bit clingy lately. One day I went to look for him, and he's sprawled out on the patio. I seriously thought he was dead. He didn't respond right away when I said his name. He is a bit deaf and has vision problems, but it scared the living crap out of me when he finally jumped up.
  • Why is it that a man can drop his clothes right next to the bed and crawl in while a woman has to shut off the TV, lights, lock doors and start the dishwasher before going to bed?
  • I've said it a million times...if you put the remote back in the same spot, we wouldn't have to spend 20 minutes looking for it so we can see what the weather is going to be like!
And finally, this is what happens when it snows in the middle of April and the boys can't play outside.
Yes, he did this himself.